Big news on the Portland retail scene! Liza Rietz’s eponymous boutique is transforming into The Ones Shop, a collective of apparel, jewelry, and accessory designers that “provides established Portland based designers a professional platform to showcase and sell their products, connect directly with customers, and be a part of the thriving independent design community both within the collective and with the neighboring businesses in the 811 E Burnside Building.” The designers involved for the shops initial launch include Liza Rietz, Sara Bergman, Rachel Ancliffe, Revere, and Tiro Tiro.

How is The Ones Shop different than a regular boutique? The difference is each designer pays a fee to be a part of the collective and receives 90% profit from the sales of their products, instead of selling their items to a boutique at wholesale or consignment. Each designer also has a dedicated display within the space and has the option to work one shift a week, which is the interesting part of this collective to me. Many shops in town have houselines, and those designers/ shop owners inevitably work the sales floor. This retail model, however, gives an opportunity to the designers in this collective to actually engage with their customers in a real and personal way on a regular basis where in another store they would not get that experience, which is super important to keep the pulse on what their customers want and need. The collective also fosters relationships and collaborations with the designers within the collective.

Founder Liza Rietz on why she formed The Ones Shop, “When I reflect back on the sixteen years I have been a clothing designer, certain things become clear as to why I got started in this line of work. First, I got started because of friends. Friends who believed in me, friends who got excited about the creations I made, and friends who pushed me to show my work to a larger audience. Second, I got started due to a community of like-minded makers. We bounced ideas off each other, shared resources, feedback, and collaborated on photo shoots and fashion shows. Not only was this community of friends and makers integral in shaping who I am as a designer and business person, but this community in turn cultivated an excited and dedicated community of supporters and clients. It was pretty clear – people liked to support people that shared similar values. In this case, the shared values were appreciating and supporting artists and designers that believed in the craft of making, and sharing their creations with a larger community.

Fast forward sixteen years, and in some ways so much has changed, but yet so much is the same. I have run a couple different business models, both solo ventures and shared business plans, I have started teaching and have had two children. I still feel honored to be connected to a talented pool of designers and makers, but I feel strongly that this connection is enhanced through a more organized collective where time, energy and creativity is shared. I believe that a large goal of a collective is that members should gain from the mutual support and shared resources.

That is when “The Ones Shop” started to evolve. Located in my previous storefront in the 811 E Burnside Building, “The Ones Shop” name was derived from the suite number “one one one” and from the notion that it takes more than “one” person to make up a collective. My hope is that The Ones Shop provides a fun and inspiring physical place for designers to connect to the greater community and share artfully made products and ideas. So, here’s to the “the ones” that come together, inspire, and create!”

The grand opening and launch party of The Ones Shop is Saturday, November 10th from 5-8PM at 811 E. Burnside, #111. Don’t miss it!

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